Why Private Label?

There's no quicker way to get started and you keep your upfront costs significantly down. Your risks are minimized as you explore adding your own branded products to your catalog.

* Control Production Volume & Pricing

* Control Your Profit

* Maintain Flexibility & Move Quickly

* 100% Your Branding

* High margins. Low start-up costs.

What We Offer

* Complementary & Comprehensive Consulting

* Help With All Aspects Of A Tea Business (Sourcing, Design, Photography, Storage, Packaging, Logistics)

* Quality Ingredients | Unbeatable Taste

* Custom Tea Accessories For Your Brand

* Use Our Blends or Make a Custom Blend

* 20+ Years Selling Online - Sharing Expertise

* Expertise in Creating Variable Eye-Popping Packaging

* Our Experience Working Globally

Who White Labels Tea?

You're in good company...

* Restaurants & Cafes

* Care Package Companies

* Hotels & Airlines

* Online Tea Brands

* Wedding Favours

* Yoga & Meditation Studios

* Fitness & Wellness Centers

* Corporate Promotions / Gifting

* and More...

Do It Your Way - Do it the Easy Way

  • Custom Blends

    Using our extensive collection of premium ingredients and over 20+ years of experience we will help bring your unique and exclusive flavour ideas to life. You can count on us for a superior taste and short turn-around.

  • Packaging & Design

    With our design, packaging & labeling skills we can present a premium presence to your customers. Turn your private label into a brand weapon and create a shelf standout.

  • Transportation & Logistics

    We ship and source both food and non-edible goods globally. We can help you navigate the maze that is logistics acting as your transportation consultant or your firm's "transportation division". We can also do the re-shipping and parcel repacking or consolidation on behalf of your firm.

Provide More Than Just The Tea...

  • Custom Beverage Accessories

    Bamboo /Glass Cups, Gorgeous Spoons (in many colours & styles), Charcuterie Boards & More

  • Beverage Accompaniments

    We'll help you complete your kits or offering with delicious local additions such as Ontario Wildflower Honey.

Work With Us

We are a focused, media savvy family run business in Ontario. We are a lean company and hyper focused on our customers so you will have our attention during this process. We have the expertise, experience, stock and the scale to meet your needs. We are experts in logistics with seasonal specifics of our products. Here's what to expect:

* A Fully Turn-Key Process

* A Globally Diverse Procurement Process

* Hassle-free Logistics

* Low Minimum Purchase Quantity

* Quick Lead Times

* Competitive Pricing

* In-House Package Design Resources

* Innovative & Forward Thinking Product Options

* We're CANADIAN! eh?

White Label

Have Questions? Call us @ 289.444.0466 , send us some details.